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116 000

116 000 - hotline for Missing children

We at Nadja Centre work towards preventing psychological & physical abuse of children. If you are a parent of a victim or are affected by child abuse, please get in touch through our Hotline.

116 000

116 000 - гореща телефонна линия за изчезнали деца

116 000 е телефон с висока национална значимост. На него се приемат обаждания за изгубени деца и се приема информация за издирвани деца.

Той е безплатен, работи денонощно, 24 часа, 7 дни в седмицата, 365 дни в годината. 


Domestic Violence


We at Nadja Centre offer help & support for victims of domestic violence. If you have been affected by domestic abuse & need help, advise or someone to talk to, please contact our Hotline.

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking prevention

We at Nadja Centre work to prevent trafficking of human beings. Over the years, we have participated in many projects to fight this issue.

The organisation offers help & support for people victims of human trafficking or affected by it. If you need help, support or just someone to talk to, please get in touch through our Hotline. 

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At Nadja Centre, we help women and children who have experienced physical, sexual and psychological abuse, and victims of human trafficking.